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"The unlimited support I had from MBA House made my Harvard dream come true!"

Arianna C. -  HBS '25 

The only in-person, one-stop-shop for GMAT and MBA Admissions in NYC   

At MBA House GMAT Prep and Admissions Consulting, a team of Ivy League trained GMAT Teachers and MBA Admissions Consultants to help you tackle every step of your MBA Journey. 


GMAT Private Tutoring

NYC In-person and Online Classes

3 in 4 of our Clients are Referrals

$10 Million in Scholarship Awards 


Success Rate

College Lecture

Getting accepted at a Top MBA program requires comprehensive effort & sophisticated strategies. It is not obtained through one-size-fits-all solutions.   

“The MBA House team made all the difference in my admissions process. After months trying to get past the 600s, with their course and tutoring I got a 760. Not only that, the admissions consulting was so on point I got to pick where I wanted to go for my MBA and accepted the 130k scholarship MIT offered me ”

- Gabriel A. (MIT'25)

“I recommend MBA House to all my colleagues at McKinsey as well as to friends who want to go to a Top Business School but either find the process daunting or do not know where to begin. MBA House has a structured learning plan for the GMAT with a level of service that continues with its admissions consulting - literally my whole office used their services!”

- Felipe M. 

(HBS' 24) 

"We wanted to go to Business School together, and we wanted to go to the Best MBAs. Still, we were shocked when we learned that both of us got into Stanford! We recommend MBA House to everyone we know!"   

- Pilar e Roberto K. (Stanford'23)  

Unlimited Tutoring, Unbeatable Value.

  • Mini GMAT Crash Course

    42h of live instruction (in-person and online)
    Valid for 2 months
  • Unlimited GMAT Focus Course

    42h live Classes + Unlimited Private Tutoring
    Valid for 6 months
  • GMAT Course + 1 School

    Focused Solution for targeting a specific B-School
    Valid for 2 years
  • GMAT Course + 3 Schools

    Ideal for candidates targeting a specific city or Location
    Valid for 2 years
  • GMAT Course + 5 Schools

    Our Best-Seller! Ideal for Top MBAs worldwide
    Valid for 2 years
  • GMAT Course + 7 Schools

    Best option for deferred admission and M8 candidates
    Valid for 2 years
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Ready to take the first step on your MBA Journey? 

  • Available Online

    Our Admissions Consultants help you build a winning MBA Application.

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  • Available Online

    See why MBA House students get the score they need faster

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NYC School

Located right by the 14th St 1,2,3 Subway entrance and close to the 14th St A,C,E and Union Sq Trains    

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