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GMAT Focus Course

No time to study? Hate Math? Cannot juggle work with Test Prep? We got you. 

At MBA House we have a personalized plan for you. Our In-person classes are lively and keep you motivated, covering all the GMAT and GRE subject matter in 21 classes. While you take classes you have access to Private Tutoring to go over your homework and Admissions Consulting to build your Application.  

Best GMAT Classes in NYC, period. 

Most programs have you watch 3 hour long classes covering both Quant and Verbal questions in the same session. Our classes are 90min long, either Quant or Verbal delivered by an expert Teacher each evening at 7:30pm EST. They are specific for the GMAT and cover everything you have to know. After each class you have homework to complete on that topic, which can be revised in tutoring sessions as well. All included in your membership.

Personalized Study Plan

When you enroll at MBA House you have a preliminary Study Plan meeting. In this meeting you receive access to all Study Materials and Live & Recorded Classes (in case you cannot come in person or want to revise some concepts). Your advisor will design a Study Plan based on your ideal timeline, availability to watch classes and do tutoring as well as the deadlines of B-Schools you have in mind. This plan is constantly revised as you evolve.

Unlimited Private Tutoring Included

While Classes offer a structured way of making sure you cover all the subject matter for the GMAT Focus or GRE Test, Private Tutoring ensures you are progressing through the materials and covering specific weaknesses. These sessions are with the same Teachers you have in class and can be scheduled throughout your course membership to review homework, diagnostic test results or plan for your Test Day.  

Expert Teachers, not generalists 

Each Team member at MBA House is specialized in their subject area. This means you’re not getting an outsourced one-size-fits-all tutor. Our Teachers have over 10 years experience with either the Verbal or the Quantitative sections the GMAT and our consultants have advised candidates of several different nationalities and backgrounds gain admission to MBA programs worldwide. 

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.


Our GMAT Focus course operates on rotation, you can begin any week you like!


Quantitative Section 

Math Class 1: Arithmetic

Math Class 2: Rate and Work 

Math Class 3: Rate and Speed 


Quantitative Section

Math Class 4: Algebra

Math Class 5: Sequence and Series 

Math Class 6: Probability


Critical Reasoning 

Verbal Class 1: Argument Logic and Fallacies

Verbal Class 2: Main Question Types 

Verbal Class 3: Other Question Structures 


Quantitative Section

Math Class 7: Statistics

Math Class 8: Cartesian Plane 

Math Class 9: Combinatorics


Data Insights

Math Class 10: Ratio, Proportion and Percents 

Math Class 11: Sets

Data Class 1: Data Sufficiency 

Data Class 2: Graphs and Tables 

Data Class 3: Two-Part Analysis and Multi-Source Reasoning 


Reading Comprehension 

Verbal Class 1: Reading Strategies 

Verbal Class 2: Global and Detail Questions

Verbal Class 3: Inference Questions

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